Cleaning up around the house?

Aus Blue Bins – ‘to the rescue’ our friendly team is willing and ready to assist with your skip needs, not sure what size skip you need? No problem, talk to our friendly experts and they will have you on track in no time.

Our smaller bins are perfect for your back-yard cleanup, small renovations, moving to a new house and deceased estates. Our efficient team in the Aus blue Bins head office will assist you in selecting a bin to suit your purpose, location and budget and have it delivered promptly. Once the bin is full contact us and we will take the bin away. Simple as that! Our experienced drivers will make an assessment on site for the best placement for your bin. If you have specific instructions, that’s fine too! Our drivers will do their absolute best to accommodate your needs.

Some frequently asked questions

We hope to make this an easy and pleasant transaction, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call.
  • How long can I have the bin for?

Bin hire is for up to two weeks; however, we are flexible and cater to the client’s requirements.

  • When and how can I pay?

Payment is required on or before delivery by either payment over the phone or cash, cheque, EFTPOS to the driver when delivered – trade credit accounts can be applied for on request.

  • What is included in the service?

Delivery of bin, pickup of a full bin, all GST is covered in cost and all tip fees are covered in the cost.

  • Can you put the bin on the road?

No. Legal Restrictions require no bins to be placed on any roads.

  • Where can I place the bin?

Bins can be placed on driveways/grass. Anywhere the truck can access being mindful of water meters, powerlines, houses and carports.

  • What can I put in the bin?

Anything!! Except for asbestos unless it is and asbestos only bin.

  • Will the truck be able to access my property?

Smaller bins are delivered on our smaller trucks.