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Hastings Blue Bins, the Eco friendly choice!

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council's ultimate goal is no waste to landfill by 2020.

"Hastings Blue Bins take this goal very seriously".

Over the past 17 years we have been working very hard to sort, process and recycle thousands of tonnes of waste for the community. We continue to innovate and improve our plant processes every year.

"Our onsite crusher plays a major role in reducing landfill at rubbish site".

We crush brick, concrete and tiles. Suitable crushed medium is also recycled for re-use as road base or fill and is also available for purchase.

Green waste only bins are available at a reduced price to assist with your big garden or property clean ups. By selecting ‘green waste only’ bins, green waste remains uncontaminated and can therefore be processed into compost.

"We except free drop off of scrap steel and steel white goods, non ferrous metals and cardboard which are all recycled".

Our aim is to provide the community with quality skip bins where you want them and when you need them and to minimise as much as possible the skip bin waste ending up in landfill.

When you choose Hastings Blue Bins you choose to reduce landfill via our effective sorting, processing and recycling practices.

You can find us at:
7 Belah Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Phone: 0417 544 944 or (02) 6581 2312

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