Keeping the IRONMAN clean!

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Ironman Panorama

Over 80% of the waste collected from the local event Ironman Australia in May 2019. Ironman Australia approached us here at ABB to devise a way to improve the waste management throughout the one-day event. PLA is an alternative plastic which is made from corn-starch and potato starch. This allowed Port Plastics and Tooling to turn the PLA cups into bottle top openers.

ABB supplied 43 skip bins which were dropped around the course on race day. The skip bins collected a total of 62 cubic metres of waste. 22 cubic metres of plastic bottles, 14 cubic metres of PLA cups, 14 cubic metres of cardboard and 12 cubic metres of general waste. the waste was sorted by three staff members over the course of two days. 

Volunteers also aided the massive effort as waste was sorted to the best of their abilities on-site to ensure the system worked efficiently and assisting to make it a cleaner and greener event.